Wrestling legend Demolition’s Ax who sued WWE reacts to Vince McMahon’s retirement

Former WWE CEO Vince McMahon’s retirement from the company took fans and wrestlers by surprise. Wrestling legend and Demolition team member Ax was no different and found himself shocked by the announcement from the former chairman.

Ax was famously a part of Demolition, an extremely successful tag team alongside Smash and Crush. They had the longest combined reign with the tag team titles at 698 days until it was recently beaten by The Usos, while their single reign record of 478 days was beaten by The New Day.

Ax was one of the wrestlers named in a class action lawsuit against WWE for allegedly concealing the risk of traumatic brain injuries suffered by a number of them.

During his recent interview with PWMania, the former tag team champion spoke about Vince McMahon’s retirement. He mentioned that he was surprised and went on to praise the former CEO for the positive changes he made in wrestling during his time at the helm of WWE.

He also felt sure the former chairman would miss being as involved in wrestling as he had been.

“Yes, we worked for some time for Vince [McMahon]. He made a tremendous impact on professional wrestling. I was surprised by his retirement but I also understand that he may wish to step aside and let his family take charge. He was a great business man that developed many positive changes for wrestling. I am sure he will miss it.”

Other than talking about Vince McMahon, Demolition’s Ax also talked about his most memorable wrestling moment

In the same interview, Ax also talked about some of the most memorable moments from his wrestling career.

Talking about the matches in his career that he would want new wrestling fans to see, he named their matches against The Hart Foundation, as well as those against Strike Force.

“I would suggest they look at one of our tag matches against the Hart Foundation or the British Bulldogs. We also had a set of great matches with Strike Force.”

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Which other teams will come close to Demolition’s records with the tag team titles? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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