Women in Auto: Tabitha D. Wilkens

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Tabitha D. Wilkens has spent the past 32 years working full time in the automotive industry, 30 of them in the Ancira dealerships in San Antonio.

She says she got a taste of what the auto industry was like while working part time at a dealership as part of a cooperative education program during her senior year in high school. She returned to start a full-time career in the industry a couple of years later, and never looked back, she says.

Q.: What is your current role in the auto industry?

A.: I am the Chief Financial Officer for Ancira Enterprises Inc., the parent company of all of the Ancira dealerships.

Q.: Why did you choose the auto industry?

A.: Honestly, a cashier position at an auto dealership was the most interesting choice on a list of jobs for my cooperative education program my senior year in high school.

Q.: How did you get your first job in the industry?

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