Woman’s shock after BMW stolen in Colchester

A WOMAN has told how her car stolen from her driveway…and then received taunting prank calls possibly from the thieves.

Nasha Malisa, of Potters Mews, Colchester, was at home on the day of the Queen’s funeral when she realized her car had been stolen from her driveway.

She had gone to get some work documents from her car when she found it had been taken.

At first Nasha thought she may have parked it further along the road when she last drove it on Friday.

She then walked down to the side road, realizing it also wasn’t there.

She asked her neighbor who lives opposite and who has a Ring doorbell, to have a look at the footage.

The doorbell camera only captured up till 11pm on Sunday night with the car still in plain view, jumping to after 6am, with the car missing.

Nasha was informed by police they had seen her car on the A12 around 6am on CCTV, believing it was stolen some time around 5am to 6am on Monday.

Nasha, who works for Suffolk County Council, had left her work ID and several work documents with her phone number on in the car.

At about 9.30pm on Monday evening, she realized she had missed two calls from a private number, she then picked up after the third time.

She reported that someone who sounded like a teenage girl repeatedly asked her: “Who are you, who are you?”

Nasha responded: “You have my phone number, why are you asking me?”

It was then reported that the unknown caller responded: “You will never believe who gave me your number.”

She then realized there was a voicemail.

The bizarre voicemail said: “I know who stole your car, it’s an orange man who sells strawberries. When you find your car, there’s going to be a grenade in it.”

On the theft, Nasha said: “I am new to the area so it is disappointing.

“I am a hardworking, average person, who works for Suffolk County Council.

“I have worked my way up. I worked hard to treat myself to a nice car, only for someone to steal it.”

Anyone with information about the theft on Monday is asked to contact Essex Police on 101.

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