What is Twitter Circle and how do you use it?

Twitter (TWTR) is testing a new feature, and it could make the social network feel a bit less confusing. No, it’s not the fabled edit button. And it’s not something Elon Musk, who will reportedly be Twitter’s next CEO if his purchase is approved, has cooked up, either.

It’s called Twitter Circleand it’s designed for you to tweet at and connect with a smaller group of people than, say, the entirety of Twitter.

Available to only select users, Twitter Circle allows you to connect with up to 150 people who can see and reply to your tweets. Here’s how it works.

First off, since Twitter Circle is still in the testing phase, you’ll need to wait a while before the company has it up and running for every user. So don’t expect to jump online and start using it anytime soon. Think of the feature as a more private area of ​​your Twitter account.

So rather than firing your thoughts on “Dr. Strange: And the Multiverse of Madness ”into the void, you can share them with your closest friends via your Circle.

When you do get access to Circle, you’ll first need to choose who you want in your group. And since you can add up to 150 folks, you’ll likely have a harder time choosing who you don’t want in your Circle than who you do.

Twitter Circle is a new feature that is meant to let you reach out to a specific group of 150 people. (Image: Twitter)

Once you’ve set up your Circle, though, you can start tweeting at them. It’s an incredibly straightforward operation. Simply type out your tweet, then select Twitter Circle to ensure that your tweets aren’t going out into the ether, but rather, will be seen by your Circle members.

Only people in your Circle can see tweets you’ve sent to your Circle. So there’s no way outside Twitter users will ever know what you’re up to. What’s more, your Circle members can’t retweet your posts outside of the Circle. For instance, if you say that the game “Elden Ring” is too hard and you’ll never beat it to your Circle, they’re the only people that will see it. No one browsing regular Twitter will know, even if they follow you outside of your Circle.

You can also remove people from your Circle if they aren’t contributing to the conversation – or are being jerks – at any time. What’s more, they won’t receive a notification. So as far as they’re concerned you’re just not posting in your Circle anymore.

You & # 39; ll be able to choose when you want to tweet at your Circle and when you want to tweet out to all of your followers.  (Image: Twitter)

You’ll be able to choose when you want to tweet at your Circle and when you want to tweet out to all of your followers. (Image: Twitter)

One potential downside, however, is that anyone can add you to a Circle, and once you’re a part of it, you can’t leave. You can, though, mute a Circle, so you don’t see what its members are talking about. Still, it feels like a no-brainer that you should be able to bounce out of a circle you don’t want to be a part of anymore.

Since Twitter Circle is still in the testing phase, there’s no guarantee that it will stick around, or that it’ll ever roll out to all users. And with Musk set to buy Twitter, pending the appropriate regulatory approvals, it may end up cut entirely as he seeks to make his own mark on the platform.

Still, if you’re a regular Twitter user, or find your general feed to be a never-ending hellscape of hot takes then Twitter Circle could be an easy way to enjoy the service again.

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