What is Body Checking on TikTok? Experts express concern over the viral trend

Body checking has emerged as a new trend on TikTok. This trend encourages netizens to lose weight in a bid to seek reassurance about their body size, appearance, and looks. The trend, having more than 5.8 million views in just a short span, has encouraged several users to create videos that glorify unhealthy diets.

At the same time, experts are also expressing concern over this trend, as many claim that watching these videos can trigger health hazards.

Body checking trend is perpetuating body-image issues

People from all over the world are indulging in the Body Checking trend on TikTok. This trend encourages people to make videos of themselves in loose and baggy clothes. These are typically worn to initially give an illusion of being overweight. However, people end up pulling their baggy clothes up to reveal their actual bodies, which on the contrary, are far from being overweight.


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