Western Spring Man’s Bloody Hands Gave Him Away: Report

HINSDALE, IL – A Western Springs man last month was caught running away from a car fire that he started in a Hinsdale neighborhood, police said.

Kenneth J. Allen, 41, of the 5300 block of Woodland Avenue in Western Springs, was charged with felony arson, DUI, criminal damage to property and parking in the roadway.

Patch obtained the police report through a public records request.

About 2 am Jan. 15, officers were called about a middle-aged man, later identified as Allen, approaching a Lexus SUV in front of a house on 58th Place.

The caller told police that someone was lighting fire to the car and was seen running towards Madison Street. The Lexus’ windows were shattered, police said.

An officer caught up with Allen, who was in his car, on Madison.

When he asked Allen if he had anything to drink, Allen said no, but later acknowledged drinking beer a couple of hours earlier, according to the report.

Allen, who had bloody hands, denied breaking the windows or lighting the car on fire.

“I heard what happened … and I reached my hand into it to put a fire out, and I cut my hand and ran away, and you guys caught me,” he told officers, according to the report.

Allen said a “friend” called him to say that he “messed up” the car on 58th Place, so Allen went there to help out, police said.

Asked why he didn’t call 911, Allen said, “I just needed to get there to stop it.”

The officer told Allen that Hinsdale’s first responders could have gotten there quicker than someone in neighboring Western Springs. Allen’s house is nearly four miles from 58th Place.

Allen declined to identify the “friend,” saying he did not want to “rat him out,” police said.

Officers said they found a gasoline can with blood on it in Allen’s car. They also found the same brand of cigarettes in the Lexus that was in Allen’s pocket, police said.

During his interview, Allen referred to a girlfriend who he said had cheated on him. When asked whether the girlfriend lived where the Lexus was, Allen confirmed she did, police said.

Asked about the gas can with blood on it, Allen said he picked it up from the ground near the Lexus after he put out the fire, the report said.

An officer asked Allen why he took the gasoline can if he was there to put out a fire. According to the report, Allen answered, “To get rid of the evidence, I don’t know.”

Asked to elaborate, Allen said, “It’s what I did. I don’t know how else you want me to explain what happened.”

He said the car did not belong to his girlfriend. Police determined it belonged to a man in the house.

On Allen’s phone, police found photos that were taken of the Lexus 2½ hours earlier, according to the report.

Later, Allen could be heard telling his mother over the phone that he “f—– up,” the report said.

Allen was taken to the DuPage County Jail.

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