Wallsend dog owner’s desperate plea to save puppy’s life after a devastating diagnosis

A dog owner is looking to raise £12,000 for operations on her ‘beloved’ pup Truffle who has severe hip dysplasia.

Aged just nine months, the lilac and tan sharpei is known to be playful, gentle and a loving little soul who enjoys her walks as much as her naps. Her owner Laurie Laws, 27 from Wallsend is ‘heartbroken’ and she and her family are doing everything they can to afford Truffle a life-saving operation that will cost £12,000 in total.

Laurie says: “We have been informed that she will need both of her hips replaced which will cost 8k per hip and the surgeries for her luxating patella will cost around 4-5k. In total, this would be within the region of £20k.

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“Unfortunately this isn’t the kind of money we have so we are fundraising so that we can save our puppy’s life. If she does not receive the operations the vet has told us she won’t survive, if we can fix my girl we have been told truffle will be able to live a good quality of life.”

Currently, Laurie has been advised by the vets not to walk Truffle and to only let her out for toileting. She added: “One of the worst cases the vets have ever seen, with one of her hips already floating out of the socket, she also has a grade 4 luxating patella in her right knee at only nine months old this is heart breaking.”

Truffle’s owners Her owners have been informed that, while the operations will also allow Truffle to live a good life, she won’t survive without them.

If you want to fundraise for Truffle, you can visit the GoFundMe page here and follow their Instagram you can click here @bando_the_dobie



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