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Kevin’s Auto Repair in Huntsville is taking measures into their own hands, trying to prevent anyone else from potentially stealing from vehicles on their property.

A week ago a man slid under a gate and onto their property, but what he might not know is that he was caught on camera.

“He just came on the property like he owned it,” Owner Kevin Call said. “Nonchalant, walked quietly, slowly to vehicles, not in a hurry, not trying to duck out of the way.”

Call says the man was spotted at the shop after hours rummaging though every vehicle on the lot.

“We’ve got a rolling gate at the front of our property and apparently there was about an eight to ten inch gap between that and the ground and he slid right under that like it was nothing,” Call says.

That’s how Call says the man got in, but it wasn’t until they checked surveillance cameras, that they saw him around 9:30 at night.

“We didn’t even realize it initially until a customer came in looking for their phone,” Call says. “They weren’t able to get their vehicle. They had to leave it again overnight, left the phone in it. They were like yeah, it’s in the car. Well now it’s missing.”

Aside from the phone, it’s unclear if anything else was stolen at this time.

Call says he believes his lot has been targeted before.

“Probably about a month ago I had some change missing out of my truck,” Call said. “I had to leave it overnight, and our receptionist here a while back same thing with her. She said her change had come up missing. It looks like it has been happening several times. This is the only time we really caught it because it something expensive was stolen.”

Now the gap in the gate is closed and Call says new cameras with even better night vision are on the way.

He has this message for whoever is responsible.

“Shame on you,” Call said. “Stop taking things that people work hard for. Everybody is struggling right now so stop taking from them. Go out, get a job. Everybody is hiring. Do it the right way. If you need help, come by. We will help you if we can. Just don’t steal.”

A report was filed with the Huntsville Police Department who confirmed to WAAY 31 that they are investigating.

They say they don’t have any additional information to release at this time.

If you have any information that could help HPD in their investigation call them.

You can also call Crime Stoppers at 256-53-Crime (256-532-7463) anytime to report a crime.


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