Unit 40 Board Approves FY ’23 Tentative Budget


Published on August 15 2022 7:13 pm

Last Updated on August 15 2022 7:13 pm

Written by Greg Sapp

Effingham Unit 40 school board members Monday placed a tentative budget for the coming fiscal year on file.

The document projects $428,000 in deficit spending in the Education Fund, a $337,000 deficit in the Operations and Maintenance Fund, a $224,000 deficit in the Transportation Fund, and $427,000 in deficit spending in the Working Cash Fund. Deficit spending is also projected in the Municipal Retirement Fund, and the Tort Fund. In two funds, the Bond and Interest Fund and the Health and Life Safety Fund, more income than outgo projected.

Board President Robin Klosterman has been consistent in seeking upgrades of the library system in the district. She asked whether funds for library improvements are included in the budget blueprint. Assistant Superintendent Jason Fox said boosts in spending are planned at each district building and each building except the Early Learning Center will have a library room. He said many Kindergarten students begin the year unable to read and that is corrected over the course of the school year. From that point, Fox said there are resources available to reinforce what is learned in Kindergarten, and that there are books available in the building for those who can read. Fox also noted that there aren’t any rooms available at the ELC for a library room.

Superintendent Andy Johnson hinted that the lack of space might change. Johnson said that there is an October 10th deadline for construction grants and said there are plans to seek those grant funds.

Fox pointed out that the full amount budgeted in the various funds will not be spent, and noted that balances will remain in each fund at the end of the fiscal year.

The board voted to approve services from KCH Mechanical for installation of hoods on the stations on the high school welding shop at a cost of just over $14,000, and also voted to purchase nine new school buses to maintain the district’s replacement schedule. Don’t expect to see the new buses anytime soon, though; Fox said the anticipated delivery date of the buses is 13 months. The board also allocated up to $60,000 for the purchase of a used maintenance truck, awarded the bid for fuel to South Central FS.

Board members also retained Educational Leadership Solutions to assist the district with strategic planning and goal setting, got an update on technology improvements in district buildings, and noted that an intergovernmental agreement will continue with Effingham Public Library where Unit 40 teachers who live outside the library district can take advantage of library services at no cost.

Board members Steve Bone and Jill Wendling were not in attendance for Monday’s meeting.


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