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A higher dividend yield isn’t always better

Long-term investors should focus on companies whose dividends are most likely to grow Read More

Apple’s enviable cash hoard is dwindling — and that’s surprisingly good news for the stock price

Companies distributing cash to shareholders perform better. Read More

Stocks may have been rallying, but the bear market isn’t over for two reasons

Investors’ pivot from bearish to bullish was too sudden. Read More

Bear market blues: How to keep a sense of financial control in uncertain times

Act now on taxes, income and spending to cover short-term challenges and protect long-term financial goals. Read More

Gloomy ISM readings are a good predictor of company earnings — but not of what the stock market will do

The S&P 500’s current level already incorporates the bad earnings significance of the ISM’s latest report. Read More

The S&P 500 is so close to crossing this crucial level and challenging the bear market’s trend line

There’s a second bullish sign for the stock market: the trend of VIX is changing. Read More

How one investor applied the lessons of the meme stocks frenzy to blockchain and NFTs

Roman Tirone describes his pivot to blockchain and NFTs as ‘life changing.’ Read More

Just do it: Buy these 3 powerhouse consumer stocks that company insiders love

Following the right insiders can help you outperform the S&P 500. Read More

Chips are not yet on the menu for this strategist

Chips are so hot right now. But not for the best of reasons. US House Leader Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan has angered the Chinese Communist Party and some observers are worried about the possible retaliation. Read More

Wealthy investors shift to cash amid market volatility, UBS survey shows

Optimism at the lowest level since the start of the pandemic as worries build over geopolitics and the impact inflation will have on markets and the economy. Read More

Stock investors will likely sweat out August if recent market history repeats

The Dow’s average August return since 1986 is minus 0.67%. Read More

Energy stocks have a sustainable future: it’s in their dividends

This fund manager says he’s never witnessed a consensus opinion as negative on an entire sector as on traditional energy. Read More

Big Tech shows its good to be big, as growth slowdown leads to stock gains while smaller rivals find only pain

After super charged, double-digital growth during the pandemic, the five biggest US tech giants showed a big slowdown, as they grapple with inflation, looming recession and an overall slowing economy Read More

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