These are the Best Cars You’ve Ever Driven

A photo of a white Abarth 124 Spyder next to a palm tree.

Photo: Fiat

“An Abarth 124 Spider I rented for a week down in Albuquerque once.

“Looked just like this with the gray two-tone paint job, and might have had the muffler option as well (?). The guy didn’t say too much about it (rented it on Turo), but it was easily the most fun I’ve had driving pretty much… ever.

“Sure, it was nowhere near the fastest car I’ve ever driven, nor did it give me my freedom when I got my license at 17, and it was even an automatic.

“However, the sheer fun of getting in that car and driving around was off the charts. It gurgled in an intoxicating way. People’s heads turned, and quite a few stopped to talk to me about it. Took it to the car wash at the end of my trip and the guys drying it off were admiring it. Hell, one panhandler even started shouting at me that my sin was “greed” and that I was going to hell. It was just something else, a sports car that wasn’t a Miata so people just assumed it was ungodly expensive.

“But it was just so much fun to take out and drive along Route 66 in a drop-top Fiat. And the best part, the most authentic aspect of the entire trip was that even though it only had ~7,000 miles on it, the check engine light was already on. Perfetto.”

Produced between 2015 and 2019, the Abarth 124 Spider was developed in collaboration between Mazda and Fiat. Unsurprisingly, the end result is quite lovely.

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