The Top 10 best metal covers of 80s pop songs

Everybody loves the 1980s, especially bands. The Yuppie Decade is the go-to era for any musician who wants to show that, yeah, they’re down with synths, drum machines and hi-gloss pop production. Maybe it’s an exercise in nostalgia for those musicians who grew up watching multi-million dollar videos on MTV, or maybe it’s just down to the fact that pretty much anything went when it came to music back then, whether it was good, bad or utterly nuts. Either way, this is what happens when metal bands cover 80s pop songs and get it right.

Korn – Word Up

Jonathan Davis and co never met a cover version they didn’t like, giving the Korn treatment to everything from Metallica’s One to Poison’s Talk Dirty To Me. And then there’s their take on Cameo’s 1986 robo-funk megahit Word Up. Korn manages to give it a nu metal makeover without losing the original’s off-kilter weirdness, although Davis thankfully opted not to copy Cameo singer Larry Blackmon’s penchant for snug-fitting red codpieces.

Rammstein – Stripped

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