The Sandman season 1, episode 3 review, recap, and analysis: ‘Dream A Little Dream Of Me’

How you feel about “Dream A Little Dream Of Me” will likely depend on how you feel about what’s been done to the occultist formerly known as John Constantine. No, we’re not talking about the gender flip or name change – here to Johanna, played by Jenna Coleman – but the fact that this version of the character is rocking a cockney accent. Constantine’s Scouse! That’s important!

In fairness, this is hardly the first time the character’s background has shifted for the screen – remember 2005’s Constantine, which starred the famously Canadian Keanu Reeves? – and Coleman does a decent job of selling the character’s laconic humor and bruised heart. The Sandman episode acts as a deep dive into her world and the perils of life as an occultist for hire. At night she’s plagued by nightmares from her past, while her waking hours are filled with exorcisms, exploding torsos, and annoying business calls from the royal family.

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