Tesla has growing competition in China — these are the most popular electric SUVs challenging Elon Musk in the crucial market

The premium BYD Tang is one of the best-selling electrified SUVs in China.BYD

  • China is the biggest market for electric vehicles on the planet.

  • It’s a crucial battleground for Tesla.

  • The most popular electrified SUVs in China come from BYD, Li Auto, Zeekr, and more.

China is the biggest market for electric cars in the world and a crucial region for Tesla, the world leader in battery-powered car sales.

But the country’s electric vehicle market is ripe with competition from established automakers and startups alike. Although the Tesla Model Y was the second-best-selling electrified SUV in China in 2022, lots of other models are making things difficult for Elon Musk.

The models listed below were China’s most popular non-Tesla electrified SUVs in 2022, according to data gathered by CnEVPost. (Note: Since China considers both electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles as “new energy vehicles,” this ranking includes both types of EVs.)

BYD Song

The BYD Song Plus DM-i plug-in hybrid.

The BYD Song Plus DM-i plug-in hybrid.BYD

The Song is Warren Buffett-backed BYD’s top-selling electrified vehicle. It comes as both a plug-in hybrid and a full-blown EV. Plus, it’s now available outside of China.

The BYD Song Plus DM-i plug-in hybrid.

The BYD Song Plus DM-i plug-in hybrid.BYD

BYD launched the Song Plus DM-i hybrid in Brazil recently, where it costs roughly $53,000 and provides 62 miles of electric range.

BYD Yuan Plus

The BYD Yuan Plus.

The BYD Yuan Plus.BYD

The Yuan Plus, also known as the Atto 3 in some markets, boasts 201 horsepower and hits 62 mph in 7.3 seconds, BYD says. The firm quotes a range of up to 298 miles. In Europe, the Yuan Plus costs roughly $41,300.

BYD Tang

The BYD Tang electric SUV.

The BYD Tang electric SUV.BYD

The Tang is bigger, rangier, and more expensive than the Song and Yuan Plus. It can hit 62 mph in 4.4 seconds and drive more than 300 miles on a full battery, BYD says. It’s available with dual motors and all-wheel drive and has a panoramic sunroof.

The BYD Tang.

The BYD Tang.BYD

Like other BYD models, it has a sleek, futuristic, screen-heavy interior. It costs the equivalent of roughly $78,000 in Europe.

Aion Y

The Aion Y.

The Aion Y.Zhe Ji/Getty Images

The Aion Y comes from GAC, a state-owned automaker. The bold-looking SUV is about as big as a Toyota RAV4, promises 379 miles of range, and offers up several bright interior options.

Neta V

The Neta V.

The Neta V.NetaVCG via Getty Images

The Neta V has a 14.6-inch, portrait touchscreen, Tesla-inspired wood trim across its dash, and up to 249 miles of range. Acceleration doesn’t seem terribly impressive: It claims to hit 31 mph in 4.9 seconds.

Li Auto Li ONE

Li Auto One.

Li Auto One.Xing Yun / Costfoto/Future Publishing via Getty Images

Li Auto is a young auto startup that started production in 2019. The Li One was its debut SUV — a plug-in hybrid, six-seat, luxury vehicle. The stylish SUV has a leather-filled interior, a wide array of screens, and 671 miles of hybrid range.

Zeekr 001

The Zeekr 001.

The Zeekr 001.Zeekr

Zeekr is the premium electric brand from Geely, the Chinese auto group that also owns Volvo and Lotus. The 001 is its first model.

It brings intense performance, with a 0-62-mph time of 3.8 seconds. Plus, it advertises extremely quick charging speeds and the ability to add around 75 miles of range in just five minutes plugged in.

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