SRDF to host Soufriere Regional Development Foundation Celebrates the Arts

Saint Lucia: SRDF to host Soufriere Regional Development Foundation Celebrates the Arts (PC – Soufriere Foundation)

Saint Lucia: The town of Soufriere, home to the island’s most awe-inspiring natural landmarks, is all set to contribute to the celebration of the island’s two Nobel Laureates as part of the Nobel Laureate Festival. “Soufriere Regional Development Foundation Celebrates the Arts” will take place on Saturday, February 4, 2023, beginning at 4 pm at the Soufriere Primary School.

The event forms part of the National Nobel Laureate Festival’s community-level events under the national theme “Celebrating Excellence: Nurturing Our Creativity, Consolidating Our Legacy.”
The National Nobel Laureate Committee Chairperson, Dame Pearlette Louisy, will officially open the activity. Schools within Education District 8 will take to the stage to celebrate the literary and performing arts. Performing artiste Donaton Ĺegend will headline the event.



The Communications and Marketing Manager of the Soufriere Regional Development Foundation, Mrs Lovely St. Aime-Joseph, states, “The Soufriere Regional Development Foundation is pleased to help showcase and nurture the future of the arts by providing a platform for youth involved in the arts to showcase and develop their talents in performance poetry, theater, and the literary and performing arts in general.”

Saint Lucia has been home to two Nobel Laureates over the years. Saint Lucia was honored to host the late Sir Arthur Lewis, who was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 1979 for his pioneering work in development economics. Sir Arthur spent many years on the island, and his legacy lives on through the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, which bears his name.

The country is also proud to have hosted Derek Walcott, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1992 for his “poetry that with symbolic realism represents the Caribbean experience.” Walcott was born and raised on the island, and his works often feature the natural beauty and rich culture of Saint Lucia.

Additionally, the Gwo Pwel Rehabilitation Center – a Dramacan Talent House performing arts series, was staged on Friday, the 27th and Saturday, January 28. The finale of the feature presentation will be on display to a live audience at the national cultural center. The initiative forms part of the calendar of events for the Nobel laureates Festival.

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