Ships Have Sailed share intoxicating Radiohead cover “Creep”

Los Angeles-based indie rock duo Ships Have Sailed have just unleashed their latest single “Creep”. The track is an emotional and slow-burning cover of the classic Radiohead song.

In their version of “Creep”, delicate piano underlay lead singer’s Will Carpenter’s haunting echoing vocals. A vocoder-driven song with a cinematic undertow enthralls the listener with a distorted cello added for further emotion. Will Carpenter of the band shares, “the decision to reimagine such an iconic song originated as the result of a challenge from a musical mentor of mine during the pandemic. I mentioned an affinity for the 90s and they suggested a list of choices – “Creep ” was one of them and I’ve always loved the song personally.” The narrative of “Creep” is a timeless one as it alludes to someone feeling like they don’t belong and are so different that they don’t deserve inclusion. Many of us at one time or another have felt this, and Ships Have Sailed have so brilliantly brought this song to the younger generation.

Ships Have Sailed is vocalist/guitarist Will Carpenter and drummer Art Andranikyan. The band began sharing music in 2013 and since then have shared an extensive catalog of singles, EPs and albums. “Creep” follows their 2022 release Agesa twelve-song album centering around the theme of optimism as a way of healing current trauma.

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