SBMS Media Shares the Secret Behind Creating Immersive Corporate Events

The secret behind creating an immersive and positive brand experience for Corporate Events is creating a stage backdrop that will WOW your audience.

Using modular scenic backdrops and out-of-the-box entertainment options can be a great way to promote companies and products, generating some positive PR for any organization”

—Nicole Crocker

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, August 15, 2022 / — Trade shows and exhibitions provide the perfect opportunity for businesses to showcase their latest
products and services to potential customers. They are also a great way to network with others
businesses and learn about the latest industry trends.

By using branded backdrops and stages, businesses can create a more immersive experience for them
customers. This not only helps to create a stronger connection with the brand but also helps to build
customer loyalty. In addition, using branded stages and backdrops can also help to improve the overall
aesthetic of any event. As a result, businesses can expect to see a significant return on investment when
using stage backgrounds that are branded with their logo or corporate identity.

Where Branded Backdrops and Stage Backgrounds are Necessary

Workers in the event planning industry know that there are a variety of events that need a stage
backdrop or stage background. Corporate events, such as galas, award ceremonies, and products
launches, often require a stage for the presentation of speeches, entertainment, and other activities.

Conference meetings and trade shows also make use of a stage, especially when there is a keynote
speaker or panel discussion scheduled. Other events that may require a stage backdrop or stage
background includes fashion shows, concerts, and charity events.

Regardless of what type of corporate event is taking place, event planners need to decide what
components they would like to include at their venue of choice.

Components Used at Corporate Events

Room Partitions: A room partition is often used in corporate events to provide a space for attendees
to relax and recharge away from the main event. The partition can also be used to host private meetings
or to provide a space for vendors to set up their displays.

Pipe and Drape: Pipe and drape are used to define the boundaries of event space, and to hide
unsightly areas or construction. It can also be used as a backdrop for presentations or performances.

Trade Show Displays: Trade show booths are often used as a meeting place for businesspeople at
corporate events. They can also be used as a place to hold demonstrations or to give presentations.

Projection Walls: Projection walls are often used in corporate events to display important information
or images to the audience. They can be used to create a large virtual screen that can be used to show
video presentations, images, or even live feed from another location. This allows the audience to see
whatever is being projected much more clearly than if it were displayed on a small television or
computer screen.

Building Stage Backgrounds and Stage Backdrops

Booth builders have a wealth of experience creating eye-catching displays that draw in attendees and
help to create an engaging environment at events. This makes it easy for event planners to focus on
other aspects of the event while knowing that their booth builder is taking care of everything behind the

Some of the downsides of using traditional booth builders for a corporate event include the high cost,
limited design options, and time-consuming setup. Booth builders can be expensive, and many
companies only offer a limited number of designs. Setup can also be time-consuming, which can take
away from the time that event planners must use to prepare for the event itself.

An alternative to working with booth builders is partnering with a vendor who provides booth building
labor using alternative building methods, such as with Expressive Structures, which uses modular scenic
design solutions for their clients.

Product Options

While Pipe and Drape is perfect for creating versatile and temporary spaces, they don’t provide the
WOW factor that is desired for an immersive corporate event.

3D mapping can add an extra level of intrigue and excitement to your stage, and modular backdrops
using products such as Frameset and REXframe can be quickly assembled and disassembled for easy

Finally, other options such as Pillowcase, Backdrop LIFT, and Hard Panel Scenery can provide unique and
interesting looks for your stage. With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect backdrop
for your event.

Interactive Experiences

Some event planners choose to create an interactive experience for their corporate guests by using
entertainers like magicians or mentalists, human statues, hypnotists, and corporate comedians.
Working with a broker like Sleeping Giant Music can help event planners tremendously in this arena.

Interactive experiences add an extra level of fun and excitement to the event and help guests to feel
more engaged and connected with each other. Additionally, using modular scenic backdrops and out-of-the-box entertainment
options can be a great way to promote companies and products, generating some positive PR for any organization.

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