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THE first of five “Jualan Ehsan Rakyat Selangor Tour” programs saw the public making a beeline for discounted groceries in Petaling Jaya.

Selangor government had assigned offering RM10mil via Selangor Agricultural Development Corporation (PKPS) to run the programs items at subsidized prices.

Bukit Gasing assemblyman Rajiv Rishyakaran said the move was aimed at helping the people cope with the rising cost of goods.

Most of the crowd seen at the program held at the Rukun Tetangga cabin in Jalan Railway (Jalan 1/2) were senior citizens and small business owners.

“We are not checking addresses of customers here.

“Anyone can come and buy what they need but they are limited to two of each item if the crowd is big,” Rajiv said at the programme.

Items priced at RM10 each were whole chicken weighing 1.8kg to 2kg, 5kg of rice, 30 Grade B chicken eggs and frozen meat.

Saroja says the prices of oil, eggs and chicken have increased and she is really feeling the pinch.Saroja says the prices of oil, eggs and chicken have increased and she is really feeling the pinch.

Frozen mackerel cost RM6 while 5kg cooking oil was priced at RM25 per bottle.

The Jualan Ehsan Rakyat program is a continuation of the Ehsan Food Prices Intervention Programme, to be held for three months in all nine districts in the state starting this month.

Secretary Ng Chait Yee, 37, was seen bringing along her retired parents to buy essential groceries.

“My parents live with me and my two children.

“Usually, we spend about RM1,200 a month on groceries.

“This program brings some relief for my whole family,” she said.

Ehailing driver and single mother Saroja Dive Subramaniam, 62, said the program helped her tremendously.

“The prices of oil, eggs and chicken have increased so I really feel the pinch,” she said when met during the programme.


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