Sandusky residents turn in petition to take over management of city parks – Morning Journal

Sanduskians for Sandusky received “overwhelming support” as they collected more than 600 signatures, which is the first step in getting its proposed charter amendment on the Nov. 8 ballots.

If the political action committee’s charter amendment passes, it will provide residents the opportunity to vote on the sale, lease, development and sale of the city’s park land.

Currently, Sandusky city officials make the decisions and manage the parks.

On Aug. 3, the political action committee submitted 619 signatures to the city’s Finance Director Michelle Reeder, according to the certified document.

The petition contained twice the number of signatures required, said Tim Schwanger, press secretary for Sanduskians for Sandusky.

“We received overwhelming support including from residents living in the outskirts of Sandusky who wanted to sign but could not due to not being a Sandusky resident,” Schwanger said.

The committee started campaigning in June and members say they are pleased with the support that the residents have shown.

The next step in the process is to get the proposed charter amendment on the general election ballot, which will require a vote from the Sandusky City Commission.

The petitions will then go to the Erie County Board of Elections where each signature will be verified for authenticity, officials said.

The deadline to submit the petitions for the November election is Aug. 10, according to the Erie County Elections Board.

“If enough signatures are verified, the issue will be on the November 2022 ballot,” Schwanger said.

The group decided to form after hearing rumors that the city was considering converting Battery Park into a commercial area.

If the charter amendment passes, it “will provide residents the right to vote on the sale, leasing and private development of our historic parks,” Schwanger added.

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