Rare car shown at QC British Auto Show on Saturday

LeCLAIRE, Iowa – When Dennis Klemm was asked how he became the owner of one of the rarest British sports cars, he simply said, “People die.”

Klemm and his wife Chrystal traveled from Wisconsin with their 1932 MD D Type for the Quad City British Auto Club Show on Saturday in LeClaire.

Photo by Eric Olsen.

Only 250 of those cars were produced. The Klemms found out about it a few years ago when a friend was traveling in Great Britain. They arranged to buy it and have it shipped to the United States.

Chrystal Klemm says she and her husband enjoy bringing it to shows “just to keep knowledge of it that there are cars 90 plus years old out there for people to see.”

Photo by Eric Olsen.

MG started building the car in October of 1931. This particular one was delivered to a dealership in Bournemouth in December of 1931. Originally, it was a black-green color.

Photo by Eric Olsen.

Sometime prior to 1950, the car was moved out of a storage garage into a garden because the owner did not pay storage charges. Robert Holmes found the car in 1960. He took about 10 years to restore it and owned it for 45 years.

Dennis Klemm is particularly proud of one piece, so to speak, of the car’s history: Milton Bradley made a jigsaw puzzle of the car’s image in 1975.

Photo by Eric Olsen.


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