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You may have been in your home for some time and have got everything just how you want it, Saga Home Insurance will protect all of your hard work, helping you feel safe and protected in the house you live in and love. Over 70s home insurance from Saga is here to protect you against damage to your buildings and contents so that you can carry on enjoying your home without worry.

How much is over 70s home insurance?

When it comes to over 70s home insurance, your individual circumstances influence the cost. The cost of your insurance will be affected by:

  • The location of your home
  • Its size
  • Your home security
  • Your personal claims history
  • The value of your home contents

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What level of over 70s home insurance cover do I need?

When you’re calculating how much over 70s home insurance cover you need, you should be careful not to underestimate the cost of rebuilding your home or the value of its contents.

Over 70s home insurance consists of two types of cover – buildings and contents. You can buy separate policies for each, or you can buy a combined buildings and contents policy to give you the over 70s home insurance for your needs.

  • Buildings insurance – to protect the physical structure of your home, like the roof and walls, and permanent fixtures and fittings, like doors and windows. It covers what it would cost to repair damage to your house or rebuild it.

Don’t know what your rebuilding costs would be? For standard built homes, Saga offers cover for up to £1 million. If your property is over six bedrooms, listed, or built before 1850, we would need to know the specific rebuild cost. You can use an online calculator from the Building Cost Information Service.

  • Contents insurance – to protect your personal possessions, like your furniture or TV. Depending on the cover you choose, you can cover your possessions for loss, theft and damage and some items can be covered when you’re out and about too.

By making a careful inventory of the items you need to insure, you’ll have a reliable list of items should you need to make a claim and an estimate you can use to get an accurate quote.

At Saga we have a quick and simple online quote process, and you can get an over 70s home insurance quote in just a few minutes.

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What does over 70s home insurance cover?

We offer two levels of coverage depending on your needs, Saga Plus and Saga Select.

With Saga Plus, cover includes the following:

A 3-year fixed price

So your price won’t go up for three years, if nothing changes. You can make changes to your policy when you need to (although this could affect your premium), and you’re not tied in if you don’t want to renew with us (T&Cs apply).

No cancellation fee

Cancel during the year if you want to and we won’t charge you a cancellation fee.

Personal belongings cover

Protect essential items when you’re away from home, so if you lose a hearing aid or misplace your glasses, you can replace them

Accidental damage

Whether you drop orange juice on the carpet, have a football go through a window, or break your glasses at home, we’ll cover you for those unexpected accidents that happen at home.

Matching sets cover

If something that’s part of a set gets broken or damaged (like kitchen worktops for example), if we can’t repair or replace it to match, we’ll replace the whole set.

Both Saga Plus and Saga Select over 70s home insurance policies offer the following benefits as standard:

Trauma cover

If you’ve experienced a violent crime at your home you can move into temporary accommodation, for example while your property’s security is improved. Or if you need to make changes due to permanent disability following an accident in the home, you can make up to £30,000 of home improvements, like installing a wheelchair ramp.


Up to 60 days home unoccupancy is included as standard, so if your home is empty due to a hospital stay, while recovering from an operation and staying with relatives, you’ll still have cover. This will also help if you or a loved one needs to sell your house in the future.

Garden cover

Up to £5,000 with Saga Plus, or up to £1,000 with Saga Select, to cover garden contents, including lawn furniture, children’s play equipment, ornaments, flowers and shrubs.

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Will my over 70s home insurance change if I move?

If you have home insurance for your current address and are planning a move, you might be able to transfer your policy to cover you at a new address. Other insurers may charge you to make a change to your policy, Saga does not charge any administration fees for making mid-term amendments, although the cost of your insurance may change. Your insurer will reassess the price of your cover based on factors such as your new address, property type and different contents.

With Saga Plus insurance, you can arrange cover at a fixed price for up to three years. If you move house, just let us know, and we’ll let you know if it affects your premium for the rest of your fixed price term. You can then choose whether to accept this.

Will renovations affect my over 70s home insurance cover?

You’ll need to tell your over 70s home insurance provider if you’re having any renovation or building work done, such as an extension or a new conservatory. For routine maintenance or decorating, you don’t usually have to tell your insurer unless scaffolding will be needed.

Saga Plus and Saga Select policies do not cover you for accidental damage due to demolition, structural alterations or structural repairs to your home. Faulty design/workmanship or using faulty materials are also not covered. That’s because these sorts of claims would be made against your building contractor’s liability insurance instead, which won’t affect your claims history.

Can I get over 70s home insurance for my second home?

If you have a second home or a weekend home, and you want to have all your policies in one place, then you can get over 70s home insurance from us. Just so you know, the Saga Plus cover level (and therefore 3-year fixed price) is only available for main homes, which are permanently occupied and do not have lodgers.

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Can I get over 70s home insurance for my rental property?

Landlord insurance is designed to protect your property from damage as a result of letting it out. Our landlord insurance will cover you for up to £500,000 buildings cover, accidental damage cover, legal expenses cover, cover for malicious damage or vandalism by tenants. If there’s a major incident like a fire or flood, we’ll even cover you for loss of rent and alternative accommodation for your tenant.

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Will traveling affect my over 70s home insurance cover?

If you’re planning some exciting extended holiday trips or intending to spend more time visiting friends and family, you’ll want to be sure that your home and its contents remain covered by over 70s home insurance when you’re away from your property.

Short trips and stays away don’t usually affect the terms of your insurance, but you may need to think about what cover your home has if you are away for extended periods of time. Empty houses are considered more of a risk as there could be greater damage caused, for example by an unattended water leak.

Saga Select and Saga Plus provide cover when your home is unoccupied for up to 60 days in a row, to cover those extended absences without having to worry about what’s happening back home.

If you’re going to be away for more than 60 days, just let us know and we can update your policy. We’ll usually ask that someone is visiting the property at least once a week to keep an eye on it while you’re gone. This can be a family member, friend or neighbor.

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