Ooni rolls out Ojaja More to create wealth, stabilize the economy’

By Brown Chimezie

That create direct and indirect jobs, encourage large and small-scale farming to globalize made-in-Nigeria products via the Federal Government’s initiative of patronizing Nigeria-made products, the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Babatunde Ogunwusi Ojaja II, has launched OjajaMore retail outlet situated on Ibadan-Ile-Ife Road last week. The mall constructed with 100 percent local contents will be a hub for 70 percent made in Nigeria goods which will increase the demand for well-packaged Nigerian-grown organic farm produce.

The launch of the massive groceries and retail outlet further rekindled His Imperial Majesty’s quest to key into the Federal Government and Central Bank of Nigeria’s idea of ​​creating a viable economy that demystifies the teeming demand for dollars for commodity exchange transforming Nigeria from a consuming to producing economy where we can deviate from an oil driven economy to exploring other readily available options. OjajaMore will give special preference to homegrown commodities to help drastically reduce the importation of foods by increasing investment opportunities and creating jobs for the youth demographic.

Ooni also showed his displeasure at the rabid demand for US Dollars by importers which is putting massive pressure on the Naira. ‘The high demand for scarce dollars is the cause of our dwindling economy and currency. Nobody wants to transact in Naira again. Most people prefer to swap their naira for dollars. It’s a very sad situation I must confess. Other than lamenting, we have salvaged the situation with the creation of OjajaMore to crash the incessant demand for dollars and put Naira at a great advantage for economic boom.’

Ooni in his remarks disclosed that the OjajaMore idea was conceived as a result of his burning passion driven by youth empowerment, technological advancement and economic prosperity. “OjajaMore remains one of the profound, timeless initiatives that I envisioned for the modernization of Ile-Ife, Osun State, and other Nigerian cities. It is a triumph and regeneration of retail economies, a reservoir of seamless opportunities for new agro-commodities markets significantly improving access to B2B value chains, a social sanctuary for groceries and other products, and an iconic global brand name that will leave indelible marks on young people through job creation, resolving commoditization issues, and harnessing the integration of locally built flawless novelty digital transactions.”

Ooni also noted that we need to invest aggressively in promoting our local farming just like the Western Regional Government invested in Cocoa which became a massive source of income and proceeds made from it were used to fund education and some other capital project within the region. Many people went back to farming instead of white-collar jobs. This shows how economically viable farming can be. “The vision of OjajaMore as an indigenous entity with a modern continental outlook is to play a prominent role in people’s lives as conduct that provides relatable experiences beyond traditional shopping while driving a robust economic culture.

Imagine Malaysia came to take oil palm seedlings from Nigeria several decades ago today; they are the largest producer and exporter of oil palm products. That’s why we are using OjajaMore to rewrite the story and build a stronger future economically.” Ooni divulged.

Ooni Adeyeye however noted that his target is to expand beyond his kingdom with more outlets across Nigeria which will create a solid boundary of business growth, increase efficiency, and incorporate value-added elements that will span a remarkable experience and instill a deeper bond in customers .

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