MW2 Beta Stuck On Checking For Update Error New Steam Fix

While moment MW2 Beta stuck on ‘checking For update’ error Steam fix has been unearthed, many are waiting for an MW2 Beta checking For update Xbox fix.

Many players are stuck on this screen, but it’s not happening to everyone. Let’s dive into why this is happening alongside temporary Steam error fixes until a proper update drops:

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II | Multiplayer Open Beta Trailer



Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II | Multiplayer Open Beta Trailer





MW2 Beta Stuck On Checking For Update Error PC Fix

Not only are some players not receiving their MW2 Beta keys, but now many are stuck on the ‘Checking for Update’ screen on multiple platforms. This error has also been causing Xbox series consoles to crash too, which Infinity Ward has publicly acknowledged:

MW2 Beta Checking For Update Steam Fix

Although there isn’t a hotfix for Xbox players just yet, a savvy Reddit user by the username of DreamCatcherFilmsx3 has found an MW2 Beta checking For update Steam Fix:


Delete the folder for call of duty in your steam library, and the second folder that is located in your program files for the launcher. There should be 2 cod related folders you delete, after that you reinstall and it works perfectly. Enjoy“.

So players basically need to manually delete the game files and reinstall the MW2 Beta, nice and simple!

MW2 Beta Demonware – The Xbox Issue

Unfortunately, while the above fix is ​​good news for those affected, this error seems to be affecting Xbox console players more than anyone else. The issue looks like it’s being caused by the Demonware platform. For those not in the know, Demonware is a subsidiary of Activision and provides online services and tools for games such as Call of Duty.

This also means that the checking for update error / MW2 Beta Demonware error is a server-level issue that Infinity Ward will need to rectify on their end. As soon as we receive an update for Infinity Ward we will update this article.

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