Matt Rhule Responds to Dan Orlovsky’s Analysis on the Panthers ‘Giving Away Plays’

On Thursday, Dan Orlovsky called out the Panthers’ offensive coaching staff and gave a detailed breakdown of how they were “giving away” their plays on a segment of NFL Live.

Panthers head coach Matt Rhule explained why he disagrees with that analysis during Friday’s press conference.

“Yeah, I saw Dan’s thing. I’ve been around long enough I’ve seen enough coaches get on there and say, ‘every time they do this, it’s going to be this’ and it’s wrong. I disagree with it. For us, when we put Christian at depth we are kind of getting into a run set. From that, we either run it, we zone read it, we RPO it, we run it to the left, we run it to the same side zone . Our biggest pass play was from that backfield set that we play actioned off of it. So if you tell me that if we line up in a formation and we run it, we throw it, we play action it, it’s pretty balanced. So , if you say that they knew whether we were running or passing I would say, well, how come we ran for 146 yards and 6.3 yards per carry? I thought you guys asked the right questions. The real question to me was why didn’t’ t you guys run it more? To me, I believe in constraint theory of play-calling. Like if something is working, you should do it enough to not work because you’re doing more other things.”


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