Martin Lewis show: Money saving expert reveals how to avoid massive 14% mobile phone bill surge in April

BRITS could avoid huge increases on their mobile phone bills thanks to these genius hacks.

Cheeky providers are set to hike their prices by 14 percent from April – leaving up to nine million Brits at risk of losing hundreds of pounds.


Martin Lewis said up to nine million Brits risk losing hundreds of pounds from AprilCredit: ITV
He gave simple tricks to save you hundreds on your mobile phone bill


He gave simple tricks to save you hundreds on your mobile phone billCredit: ITV

Money expert Martin Lewis said that’s because many are out of contract and now overpaying on their current deal.

But speaking on his Martin Lewis Money Show on Tuesday, he said Brits have a number of options to avoid a phone-shaped hole in the wallet.

The first trick is to work out if you are out of contract or have termination fees to leave your contract.

To do this, the saving whizz said: “Free text INFO to 85075 on your current phone.

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“Sometimes they can’t do it, but it’s worth checking.”

He stressed that anyone who had termination fees and was within their contract may have to wait it out in order to save money.

The next hack is to switch networks to enjoy “huge savings”.

“All you do is change the SIM in your phone”, the financial expert said, before using a comparison site to see what deals are out there.

And if you’re worried about giving up your old number, you can keep it by texting PAC to 65075 on their current phone.

Doing this is also a good opportunity to start haggling with your provider to get a better deal on your phone contract.

Importantly, you should not be worried about changing phone providers based on the phone signal you get.

Only four networks operate in the UK – EE, O2, Three and Vodafone, with all other firms like Orange and Tesco Mobile “piggybacking” on signals.

While you may not get certain services like WiFi calling, these other providers may be cheaper.

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