Making Extra Cash From Working As An Auto Electrician

Electrical problems are some of the most frustrating issues a car owner can face in Nigeria. These faulty electrical connections can make various lights come on, including the check airbag light, which can be a complex problem to fix until you get an experienced rewire to get to the bottom of these problems.

Being an automobile electrician can be a rewarding and lucrative venture, because so many functions in the vehicle depend on it. They typically work on cars, trucks, buses, and other vehicles in the transportation industry by way of installing, inspecting, maintaining, and repairing all electrical parts of automotive vehicles.

An auto electrician may spend time working on alternators, anti-lock brakes, circuit boards, diagnostic lights, fuel injection systems, and even ignition systems.


Auto electrician expert, Niyi Omoboriowo, affirms that there is a market for this job, even now that we have different vehicles that use electricity to function. “We have different people patronizing us anytime their vehicle is faulty. We have built a relationship with some vehicle owners that they don’t allow others to work on their cars,” he says.


Omoboriowo revealed that there is no fixed amount one can generate from this work, because it is not structured the way salary earners earn theirs. “Some days, I can take home N20,000; other weeks, I can take home more than a million; and other times, I can only take home N500,” he states.


To him, “What we charge car owners is determined by the type of service their vehicle requires and the vehicle type, because you cannot charge someone with a Camry like that of Highlander.”


Becoming an auto electrician requires developing an extensive knowledge of modern vehicle electrical systems, and this can be achieved through formal education or apprenticeship, he says.

Skills Required

Attention is required in the job because any damage that occurs to you will incur a cost. Problem-solving skills to analyze and determine causes and propose possible solutions are invaluable.


Depending on how you want it, you don’t have to obtain a license. But if you want to run it as a company, you will need to register with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). But for someone like Omoboriowo, who is working in a mechanic village, he only joined an association by obtaining a form, which settles everything else..

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