Lansing unveils sustainability plan expected to save city $1.5M yearly

LANSING — Standing near a covered pedestrian skybridge in downtown Lansing, officially introduced a long-awaited sustainability plan for the city.

The decades-old pedestrian skybridge — connecting the Lansing Center with the Radisson hotel and a parking ramp over the Grand River and Grand Avenue — is being redone with more efficient lighting, heating and security features.

It’s an example of one of the major kinds of sustainability changes the city leaders envision as Lansing set a goal of reducing carbon emissions by 59% by 2030 and being carbon neutral by 2050.

Improvements underway on downtown Lansing skybridge; estimated to be done by early 2023

Similar efforts will happen, and have already begun to happen, throughout most of the city’s buildings, many of which are decades old and leach out energy, officials said.

The effort will also include converting more city vehicles to electric or hybrid models and a major push to get residents to do similar upgrades to their homes and businesses.

The sustainability effort will focus on:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Renewable energy
  • Transportation and mobility
  • Protection and conservation of water resources
  • Land use
  • Materials management

“Lansing has some pretty old buildings and infrastructure,” said Mayor Andy Schor. The old buildings and years of deferred city maintenance make typical maintenance more costly as well as leads to higher energy costs each year and could hamper reaching climate goals if not changed, he said.

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