Kondakarla Ava Wetland Management Committee formed in Andhra Pradesh

After a hectic effort by the District Forest Officer, the Kondakarla Ava Wetland Management Committee has been finally formed.

As per DFO Anant Shankar, the committee will be headed by the District Collector of Anakapalli who will be the chairperson and DFO- Visakhapatnam will be the co-chairperson and convenor.

The committee has been constituted with 16 members consisting of district officers from the departments of irrigation, agriculture, PR, tourism, education, industries, fisheries, horticulture and the APPCB.

In addition there will be four experts, including K. Kameswara Rao and PVV Prasad Rao from the Department of Environmental Sciences, Andhra University, Raja Sehkar Bandi, citizen science coordinator from IISER – Tirupati, V. Santharam, Director of Institute of Bird Sciences and Natural History, Rishi Valley, and one representative from local NGO East Coast Conservation Team.

Kondakarla Ava is located in Atchutapuram and Munagapakka mandals of Anakapalli district and is the second largest freshwater wetland in Andhra Pradesh. It is a pristine habitat for several water birds and migratory ones too, said Mr. Anant Shankar.

The formation of the committee was necessary to manage and conserve the wetland scientifically. The committee will meet once every quarter to discuss and take decisions on issues and activities related to management and conservation.


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