I’m a budget mum and a Pringles box is all you need to save £1,000

A MONEY-SAVING mum has revealed how a humble Pringles tube is the key to stashing away £1,000.

Caz Mooney, 34, revealed her simple trick on TikTok and encouraged other mums on a budget to follow her lead.

An Irish mum on a budget revealed her hack for saving €1,000


An Irish mum on a budget revealed her hack for saving €1,000Credit: https://www.tiktok.com/@irishbudgeting

Caz, a mum-of-three, posts on TikTok as @irishbudgeting. She took to the site to explain how she cuts a slit in the lid of a Pringles tube to take away the temptation of dipping into her savings.

She then fills the tube with spare change and soon watches her pennies turn into hundreds of pounds.

Caz said to her followers: “Apparently if you fill this with £2 coins it becomes £1,000.

“Let me know if you give it a try.”

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Caz, who learned the handy savings trick from a follower, suggested taping the lid shut so you don’t dip into your cash.

Her 19,800 followers were keen to give it a try for themselves.

One person said: “Heard this hack many years ago from a financial advisor.”

While another said: “I’ve just started this two weeks ago, tempted to count it but I won’t, I taped the lid.”

One person joked: “I need a hack on how to have a spare £2.”

With the cost of living crisis making it harder to afford essentials, many families may find it hard to save anything at all.

Savings challenges can be a great way to start because they often involve putting very small sums aside.

The 1p challenge could help you save £670 in a year – you start by saving 1p on day one and saving one penny more each day.

So by day 365, you put aside £3.65.

Another popular method is cash stuffing. With this method, you split your money across different envelopes, which are earmarked for various spending including bills, groceries and clothes shopping.

How to start budgeting

Caz also tackled the subject of budgeting in another reason video.

She said: “Budgeting does not need to be complicated, it is merely a plan for your money.

First she suggested tracking your monthly expenditure – look at what you spent last month and categorize it, for example under food, petrol or eating out.

Caz said: “Then you’re going to look at each category and see if there are any categories you think that you are overspending in.”

She then suggests creating a plan for the month and making small cuts to your spending where possible.

You then need to decide where any savings you have made will be redistributed.

Caz added: “Then any savings you make you should be putting towards a goal.”

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We spoke to one savvy saver who has stashed nearly £6,500 through simple saving challenges.

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The budget blogger shared her hack on TikTok


The budget blogger shared her hack on TikTokCredit: https://www.tiktok.com/@irishbudgeting
She suggested taping the lid so no one gets tempted to help themselves


She suggested taping the lid so no one gets tempted to help themselvesCredit: https://www.tiktok.com/@irishbudgeting

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