“I might retire to Hawaii” – Lewis Hamilton would leave behind $96.5 Million for his big retirement plans

Racing into the 16th year of his F1 career, seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton provided a glimpse of his life after retirement.

With the 2022 F1 season, Lewis Hamilton headed into the 16th year of his racing career. Despite being the second-oldest driver on the grid, the seven-time world champion has no plans to retire as of now.

Being an F1 driver, the Mercedes driver spends much of his time away from his hometown of Stevenage, United Kingdom. He owns a lavish property in Monte Carlo and another lush condo in Manhattan. The Briton reportedly sold his triplex penthouse in Tribeca for $49.5 Million without even living in it.

However, none of these places is close enough to his heart to spend his days after retirement. The seven-time world champion revealed his dream destinations for life after F1 in a recent interview.

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Lewis Hamilton says he is a long way off from retirement

He was asked if there is any particular city that inspires him; to which he replied, “Definitely – but not only one! Everyone loves Paris – so do I. And Tokyo is one of my favourites. My top three are Paris, New York and Tokyo. You can take a lot of inspiration from these places.”

Hamilton was further questioned, “If you were to think of settling somewhere after your F1 career, where would that be?”

The Mercedes star said, “I love the Caribbean. So most likely it would be the Caribbean. I think that life would get quite a lot slower there.”

“But I also think about a place where, on one hand, you have the hustle and bustle of a big city and then, on the other hand, you have the beach – and then immediately Los Angeles springs to mind.”

“I think I might retire to Hawaii! Yes, it is a long way away from everything else, but I guess it would be worth it,” he further added.

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