How Mercedes Benz was stolen from dealer’s stand in Abuja

Thieves during the week stole a Mercedes Benz from a car dealer’s stand on the Kubwa-Zuba Expressway in the FCT.

A source (name withheld) said the car was stolen from her boss’ car stand in the evening.

She said the thieves came, pretending to want to buy the car, and requested for its keys for testing before making payment.

She further said, “During the testing, they pushed out our guy who went with them and zoomed off.”

She, however, said the car was recovered on Monday night.

Narrating how it was recovered, she said, “The car was recovered yesterday (Monday) night when one of the thieves took the car to his girlfriend’s house.

“The girl had earlier seen the picture of the car on Instagram as a stolen car. She raised alarm and started accusing him of being a thief. He was caught before he could escape and taken to the Life Camp police station.”

A security expert, Dominic Emmanuel, advised that to cut down the risk of having cars stolen, “Before any test drive, ask for the driver’s license or current international passport of the customer. The pictures on the IDs must be very clear.”

He added: “If there are two or more people, at least one must stay back at the car stand after determining that they indeed know each other.”

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