Published: Published Date – 06:34 PM, Sat – 6 August 22

Elegance and simplicity are two traits that enhance a woman’s beauty. Redefining grace and glamor with her looks, Pamala Serena is captivating everyone’s attention in the fashion industry. Earlier in February, the gorgeous diva was crowned as Mrs. Dubai Universe 2021

As 2022 has turned out to be a golden year for Pamala, she has achieved yet another milestone. Pamala Serena has been titled Her Excellency Ambassador Of Peace (UN).

As a Messenger of Peace, she continues to help focus attention on environmental issues & promote sustainability. Pamala is working on some exciting new ventures promoting this.

And since this lady of substance who seems to be on fire does not know how to stop achieving. She has just been featured as the cover girl for the June-July 2022 edition of the Fashion Fair magazine.

On being featured in the global fashion edition of the magazine, Pamala Serena is surely on cloud nine.

Currently based in Dubai, the beautiful diva is a British-Indian born with her upbringing in London. Having collaborated with notable brands, influencers and celebrities, Pamala has always been true to her work. “As per my experience, all that is required is to be genuine. That’s how I have built an identity in the industry”, she revealed.

Making a way to the cover page of the fashion magazine, Pamala calls it one of her dream come true moments. “I have grown up watching models and actors feature on the cover page of different magazines. And with my feature on the cover issue, it is an achievement.” On the cover issue, Pamala is seen in a white dress with exquisite jewelry accessories that complement her look.

As Pamala continues to make waves in the fashion and modeling industry, she is equally keen to work towards social campaigns. Earlier, the model expressed her desire to work on campaigns against domestic abuse and other forms of violent activities against women. Intending to create a peaceful environment, Pamala wants women of different age groups to live life with a holistic approach.

Being a psychology student, mental health is of crucial importance for her. She always addresses such issues with sensitivity and ensures that one gets the therapy to recover from life’s adversities. Moreover, the model further shared an anecdote from her life when she went through a rough patch that hampered her career.

The former Miss India-UK and Mrs. Universe Dubai calls self-determination the prerequisite behind her success. Growing up watching the incredible work of visionary ladies like Princess Diana, Oprah Winfrey and Mother Teresa, the model wants to bring an impact on society with her work ethos. By transforming the impossible into possible, Pamala Serena is achieving her goals and is an inspiring figure to all aspiring models in showbiz.


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