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The Geauga Park District will once again be looking for a new fiscal officer after Jennifer Pae resigned.

The Geauga Park District will once again be looking for a new fiscal officer after Jennifer Pae resigned.

“Jen was very good at the day-to-day fiscal operations at Geauga Park District,” said Executive Director John Oros Sept. 21. “It was her decision to resign.”

Pae was hired in November of 2021 after the park district fired former Treasurer Michael Frederick. Frederick was hired after the GPD Board of Commissioners voted to operate independent of county fiscal oversight in June 2021, but was let go after a mistake he had attributed to a transposition error in the annual budget that ultimately cost the park district revenue from a levy.

Oros said Pae may have been taken back by the Geauga County Budget Commission’s approach on handling tax budgets.

“I think she was a little bit shocked, if not unfamiliar with our budget commission’s processes and how they go about meeting with our taxing authorities,” Oros said.

Pae previously served as finance director for 14 years for Lakewood, as well as Hunting Valley as a part-time finance director.

The Geauga County Maple Leaf reached out to Pae and Park Commissioner Howard Bates for comment and received no reply prior to this article posting.

Oros said the park district will go through the interview process to find a replacement for Pae.

“We will start looking at potential candidates,” said Oros. “I do want to emphasize that we have an outstanding finance assistant in Dawn Sweeney, so we were fortunate as an organization to have good in-house resources so that we can continue to pay the bills and provide the services that our residents expect from our parks and our recreational services.”

Oros added the park district does not have a set deadline on when the finance director position will be filled.

“The fiscal operations of Geauga Park District are very important. We are going to take our time,” said Oros. “We are going to work in concert with the board of park commissioners and with our management team, who has a valuable perspective on working together as a team alongside our financial department.”

A public records request has been made for Pae’s letter of resignation. This article will be updated as more details become available.

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