Govt to conduct audit of mangrove cover in State

07 Aug 2022 | 06:32am IST

Govt to conduct audit of mangrove cover in State

Team Herald

PANJIM: Forest Minister Vishwajit Rane on Saturday announced to conduct audit of mangrove cover in the State.

Rane said that a private agency will be roped in to conduct the audit, which is important to ensure conservation of mangroves.

In a series of tweets, Rane said, “To ensure conversation of mangroves for environmental benefits, we are hiring a special agency to audit the mangroves.”

He tweeted further saying that the agency along with the State’s Forest Department will prepare a plan for maintenance of mangroves and work on conservation, protection and improvement of quality of mangroves.

Mangroves are confined mainly to the narrow intertidal mudflats along the banks of Mandovi, Zuari, Chapora, Sal, Tiracol, Talpona, Galjibag and Cumbharjua canal.

As per the India State Forest Report (ISFR) 2021, Goa has a total mangrove cover of 27 sq kms, which has gone up by one sq km over one year.

The report, however, also revealed that Goa does not have any very dense mangrove patches, but 21 sq km are moderately dense mangroves.

The Chorao Island located in River Mandovi is one of the best mangrove forests in Goa and houses most of the species such as rhizophora mucronata, rhizophora apiculata, bruguiera gymnorrhiza, bruguiera cylindrical, ceriops tagal, kandelia candel (K rheedi), avicennia afficinalis, avicennia marina, avicennia alba, sonneratia alba, etc.


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