Fine Furniture Fans Might Love Design Hotels – But they Don’t Have to Travel to Reside in Truly Beautiful spaces, says Naurelle

The Los Angeles-based high-end furniture showroom comments on a recent article that discerning homeowners can spend every day enjoying the benefits of world-class European design wherever they live.

LOS ANGELES, May 6, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — An April 23 article in The Guardian features writer Gemma Bowes’s picks for the best 10 new design hotels in Europe. Selections include an Estonian forest retreat featuring spectacular mirrored cabins; a medieval fortress in Avignon repurposed as a boutique hotel with cutting edge/retro furnishings; and a Greek neoclassical mansion hotel with a commitment to the environment that includes a discount for anyone who can get to the island of Syros without an airplane. Naurelle, a widely respected Los Angeles retailer and design showplace offering the finest in European furnishings, says that people who enjoy staying at hotels with the most outstanding furnishings should know that they can live in a space that’s as good as or better than even the most spectacular hotels on the European continent.

With an emphasis on Italian and French designs, Naurelle’s offerings run the gamut of styles from neoclassical to cutting-edge contemporary. The luxury furniture store and showroom says that, while everyone enjoys going on vacation and staying in a beautiful room, it’s even better to be able to enjoy one or more rooms that may be even more beautiful 365 days a year.

Naurelle understands that its design-savvy customers expect only the best – and that means beauty and quality that goes beyond the obvious and beneath the surface. “Craftsmanship” is a word that gets used a lot, but the high-end furniture store and showroom says that the artisans behind its superb offerings are extraordinary individuals who treat every piece as a work of art meant to last lifetimes. The artisans behind Naurelle furnishings pride themselves on using only the first quality materials and then taking as much time and effort as is required to create a piece of furniture or lighting that is unparalleled in beauty and quality.

The high-end furniture adds that it knows its demanding international clientele often have tastes that take in multiple styles and periods. Therefore, it offers a wide-ranging selection of special collections that allow homeowners and their first-rate designers to maximize the beauty of their homes. Naurelle notes that it offers its customers several catalogs with a huge range of furniture and lighting options both contemporary and classical.

Finally, for those who want to go the extra step to live in truly world-class spaces, Naurelle’s design team offers fully customized complete home designs. Stunning projects that must be seen to be believed have been created by Naurelle for homes from Burbank to Dallas and from Bel Air to Beijing. Naurelle adds that it believes that people who truly love living in gorgeous settings shouldn’t have to travel to enjoy them.

Readers can learn more by visiting Naurelle’s website at or by calling (323) 852-7007.

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