Federal Judge David Hurd reverses request for retirement | WUTR/WFXV

UTICA, NY (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – Federal Judge David Hurd has withdrawn his request for senior status after the appointed replacement was found to be from Albany, not Utica.

“It’s unfortunate for him because he has earned the right of senior status to have less of a workload put on him as he looks to do other things in his life at your age,” said Senator Joseph Griffo (RIC Rome).

Senator Gillibrand has indicated that a federal judgeship will remain in Utica, however, Griffo questions this statement.

“She then backed off and said well we’ll keep the court there and he’ll travel that’s unacceptable too when we have so many qualified individuals here in the mohawk valley that can occupy the seat well we’ll have him relocate I really question the sincerity of that because once someone is appointed they can do whatever they want and Senator Gillibrand has been indifferent to this community,” said Griffo.

Senator Griffo explains that this decision causes not only Utica but the Mohawk Valley as a whole to be overlooked.

“Whether it’s the governor with what she was trying to do and still looking at doing with SUNY Poly or Senator Gillibrand now trying to steal a court seat from the City of Utica. It just shows their lack of concern for this community,” said Griffo.

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