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EXETER TWP., Pa. – The Exeter Township School District Board of Directors met Tuesday night to discuss, among other things, the 2022-23 school year budget.

Brian Feick, district finance director, presented preliminary budget numbers and three possible tax scenarios for the upcoming budget.

Feick told the board that it must adopt a proposed budget by May 31 to meet state requirements. By June 30, school districts must adopt a final budget, and by law, this must be a balanced budget.

On April 5, Feick presented a budget that showed $ 79,614,605 ​​revenue and $ 81,780,533 expenditures, for a deficit of $ 2,165,928 without a tax increase. This budget would maintain current staff levels and there would be no cuts in programs.

If there were a 2.5% tax increase, however, the deficit would be cut to $ 983,332.

On May 1, Feick returned with a revised budget that showed $ 79,880,024 revenue and $ 81,764,356 expenditures, for a deficit of $ 1,884,333 with no tax increase.

A 2% tax increase of 0.6839 mills, costing the average household $ 74.03 per year, would cut the deficit in half.

Feick also presented a suggestion to finance bus purchases using a five-year lease at 2.72% interest, which would cut the deficit by $ 270,000. Then, Feick said, a 1.75% tax increase of 0.5998 mills would cut the deficit in half.

Board member Jason Mell lamented what he deemed little business development occurring in the township that could expand the tax base and reduce the pressure to raise taxes on the residents.

Finally, after a discussion among the seven board members present, the consensus of the board was to present a proposed budget with a 1.75% tax increase and finance bus purchases with a five-year lease.

Future business

At the voting meeting on May 14, the board will consider approving:

  • A tuition agreement between Hoffman Academy and the district to provide special education services for an unnamed student from May 12, 2022, through the end of the school year, at a cost of $ 118.50 per day or a total of $ 948.
  • A tuition agreement between New Story and the district to provide special education services for an unnamed student through June 1, 2022, at a cost of $ 385 per day or a total of $ 10,395.
  • An agreement between The Vista School and the district to provide extended school year services for two unnamed students for the period July 6, 2022, through August 11, 2022, at a total cost of $ 17,365.02.
  • A tuition agreement between Hogan Learning Academy LLC and the district for special education services for an unnamed student for the 2022-23 school year at a cost $ 78,300.
  • The final budget for the food service department for the 2022-23 school year, with revenue of $ 1,950,933; expenditures of $ 1,947,875; and net gain of $ 3,058.


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