Elon Musk Claims Tesla Semi Truck to Arrive This Year

Following multiple delays since its original announcement back in 2017, Tesla‘s Semi Truck is finally about to be released. According to the automaker’s CEO Elon Musk, the company is now looking to produce and begin delivering the Semi Trucks before the end of the year, equipping the fleet with a 500-mile range. On top of that, Musk also claims that the long-awaited Cybertruck will finally be available to customers in 2023, although he has not indicated any specific window of release within the year.

It’s unclear which business will be receiving the Semi Truck before the close of 2022, but Electrek highlights that PepsiCo could be one of the first to put the truck in use. Back in 2017, the conglomerate put in one of the biggest orders for the Semi, purchasing 100 of them for its shipping and logistics operations. It also intends to set aside 15 to be used within its Frito-Lay Modesto site in order to turn it into a zero-emission facility.

Of course, given Tesla and Musk’s track record, there may be a chance both release windows will be delayed once again.

Elsewhere in the automotive world, BMW has formed a new partnership with Toyota to co-develop hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

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