Checking in from the Steppe: August Mongol Derby Riders Reach Halfway Point | Eventing Nation

Riders of the second 2022 Mongolian Derby are experiencing the realization that this race is more than just a horse race. From variable weather to gear malfunctions to navigation and nutrition, there are numerous components that riders have to consider and challenges they have to face that go beyond their mad riding skills.

Despite gear malfunction with a broken stirrup, herder Erdene-Ochir Uuganbayar, veterinary student Bilegbat Erdenesukh, and horse trainer and instructor Callie King are neck and neck. With a close competition among the leaders, and days left in the race, be sure to keep an eye on the live tracking for updates as the ride evolves.

Although competition is tight and the challenges riders are facing are serious, there’s always time to enjoy the journey… or a pickup game of basketball to unwind from the day.

However, as they continue on to the days ahead, riders must be careful with the constantly changing weather. From incredibly soggy weather to scorching hot days, riders have already been feeling the trials of the steppe. Hydration, nutrition, and some steppe self-care will be critical for riders’ well-being.

Wonder how these riders are surviving at all? Thinking about giving it a go? Before jumping in, check out some tips and tricks from July 2022 Mongol Derby rider Kristin Carpenter through Intrepid Medics on “How not to die in the Mongol Derby”…

Clearly, this adventure is not for the faint of heart. Luckily, with a solid team of organizers, medics, vets, and encouraging families along the way, riders have the opportunity to test themselves, their riding, and their resilience. And enjoy the challenge along the way. Just a few more days to go.

Beautiful nights at the horse stations. Photo from The Equestrianists’ Twitter.

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