Bourne taps first ARPA funds for ambulances, not sewerage pacts

BUZZARDS BAY – The Board of Selectmen – in their role as Select Board members and as Board of Sewer Commissioners – is redirecting federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) money from financing sewerage contracts to future purchases of two ambulances.

The panel on April 26 voted for ambulance funding at the recommendation of Town Administrator Marlene McCollem, who said rescue vehicles are needed due to heavy use of current vehicles during COVID.

McCollem said ARPA funds cannot be used for sewer projects now underway. She said financing for sewer projects will come from other sources.

The COVID relief money, nearly $ 2 million in two installments, is a direct payment to the town and should not be confused with ARPA money flowing to county government.

Buying the ambulances will not cost more than $ 800,000, commissioners said. Sewer contracts in need of new financing include rules and regulations review ($ 35,000), capital improvements ($ 475,000) and the feasibility study into a possible municipal takeover of the waste plant at Kingman Yachting Center in Cataumet ($ 66,400).

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