Babul Supriyo stokes new row, says Amartya Sen should rise above political bias | Latest News India

Former central minister and the new face in Mamata Banerjee’s cabinet Babul Supriyo has stoked a fresh controversy with his comment on Nobel laureate Amartya Sen. As Sen on Friday received the Muzaffar Ahmad Memorial Prize for his book ‘Home in the World: A Memoir’ weeks after ‘declining’ an award from the Mamata Banerjee government, Babul Supriyo said despite being such a noted economist, Amartya Sen could not come out of his political ideologies.

As Babul Supriyo’s comment led to discomfort inside the party with the party’s national spokesperson Kunal Ghosh saying that it is Amartya Sen’s decision which award he (Sen) will accept or not, Babul Supriyo took to Twitter to explain what he said about Amartya Sen.

“I simply said that whenever Shri Amartya Sen ‘visits India, we would rather have him impart his valuable advices, analysis and suggestions to any govt, than see him being extraordinarily critical about everything & everyone making him seem biased. Politically,” Babul Supriyo tweeted.

Indians look up to Amartya Sen and want to see him play a more constructive role, rising above his political ideology, Babul Supriyo said adding, “Sadly, that rarely happens and it is our loss. I stand by what I said.

The minister also said that the controversy has been created by the CPM, “distorting the essence” of what he said because of their (CPM leaders’) political compulsion.

Amartya Sen was not physically present to accept Friday’s award but in a written statement said how his family shared a close association with CPM leader Muzaffar Ahmad. “I am very happy that my book has been linked with the memory of Ahmad, one of the torchbearers of Communist movement in India with whom I have family ties, apart from having my deep regards,” Sen said in a message read out by Manabi Majumdar, the director of Sen’s Pratichi Trust.

In July, Amartya Sen did not receive the government’s ‘Bangabibhusan’, the highest civilian award conferred by the West Bengal government. His family members said he had informed the government that he will not be in India at the time of the event. His daughter Antara Dev Sena said Amarya Sen wanted the Bangabibhusan to be conferred on others as he has had the good fortune of receiving several awards.


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