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Swapping hotel bookings for Airbnb lodging used to be one of the best money-saving travel tips. In 2022, that’s not always the case.

A June 2022 NerdWallet analysis looked at 1,000 US Airbnb reservations across a range of locations and qualities with check-in dates in 2022 and 2023 to really understand how much they cost. Though, the study only considered “entire place” properties (as opposed to a single room in a larger home).

Airbnb prices were then compared against a NerdWallet database of nearly 1,000 US hotel rooms in the same cities, also spread across a range of classes and locations. Although there’s no way to compare direct costs since every Airbnb is different, NerdWallet uncovered some key findings for when Airbnbs are better or worse value than a hotel.

Here are the results of our Airbnb pricing data collection.

Airbnb’s cleaning fees can be brutal, and are among the most hotly debated aspects of the home rental platform — and they’re a fee you’re unlikely to find at any hotel. These one-time fees are pocketed by the host to cover the cost of cleaning their space, and come on top of the base price as well as a service fee.

While fees vary (and 15% of listings didn’t have a cleaning fee at all), the median cleaning fee per listing for a one night stay was $75.

Comparing the cost per night

The nightly rate for the average seven-night Airbnb stay was 32% cheaper than a one-night stay. Plus, savings get bigger with trip length; the nightly rate for a 30-night stay was 46% cheaper per night than a one-night stay.

Percent cheaper per night versus 1-night stay

Reasons why longer stays are cheaper include host-offered discounts; Hosts would generally prefer having fewer bookings to manage and ensure occupancy. Throw in the aforementioned one-time cleaning fee, plus taxes because in many cities, stays of 30 days or more aren’t subject to hotel occupancy taxes. It’s clear why longer stays are cheaper per night.

Comparing the cost per person

NerdWallet compared the price per head at Airbnbs with a max capacity of two adults versus a hotel in the same city. It also compared the cost of an Airbnb with a max capacity of six people against the cost to book three hotel rooms (assuming two adults per room).

Here’s how median costs broke down, per person:

Median price per night, per person

Small Airbnb (fits 2 adults)

Large Airbnb (fits 6 adults)

Hotel room (fits 2 adults)

The most optimal time to book an Airbnb, pricewise

A separate NerdWallet study found that booking a hotel at the last minute can lead to savings of about 13% off the price of a hotel room, on average. But what about when booking an Airbnb?

NerdWallet considered Airbnb prices that included cleaning fees, long-term discounts and base costs when booking in advance versus short term. Here are our findings:

It turns out that booking an Airbnb four weeks in advance yields the lowest median price — $270.80. This is roughly $30 cheaper than booking it almost a year in advance, and about $50 cheaper than booking it last-minute.

Easy ways to save money on Airbnb

Consider the amenities: While amenities vary by listing, consider how an Airbnb might save you money versus a hotel. Does the hotel have additional fees, like a resort fee? Will it charge you for parking, while the Airbnb driveway is free? Can you save money by using the Airbnb kitchen and laundry?

Book through shopping portals or with discounted gift cards: Some websites sell discounted gift cards — and some credit cards entail discounts on gift cards. For example, purchase an Airbnb gift card through Target via a Target-branded debit or credit card for an automatic 5% savings.

If it’s airline miles you’re after, many airline shopping portals sell Airbnb gift cards that allow you to earn bonus miles for that purchase. Not only will you earn the airline miles, but you’ll also “double-dip” by earning your usual credit card rewards.

How to maximize your rewards

You want a travel credit card that prioritizes what’s important to you. Here are our picks for the best travel credit cards of 2022including those best for:

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