5 Great Luxury SUVs for Less Than $40,000

We get it, a luxury is an SUV is a great place to spend some time. But finding a good one that fits your budget is hard. Manufacturers realize that this is one of the hottest markets in the world and they can’t ignore the sales they’ll see from making a smaller SUV with a premium badge. These are some of the best luxury SUVs you can find under $40,000 from Lexus, BMW, Infiniti, Buick, and Lincoln.

What makes a luxury SUV?

2022 Infiniti QX50 interior
2022 Infiniti QX50 interior | Infinity

A luxury SUV is a great place to spend your commute. How could you not be happy with leather, premium stereos, nice trim that’s either wood or metal, and enough room in the back to hold all of your stuff. Pretty much all of these SUVs have leather interiors, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and their manufacturers’ own suites of safety sensors. While not all of these are great for off-road, or hold seven passengers at this price point, they’re still nice places to spend a few hours behind the wheel.

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