2023 BMW M2 to be the final non-hybrid M car

the upcoming 2023 BMW M2 looks to be the final non-electrified BMW M car, with future performance models to go hybrid.

In an interview with German publication BimmertodayBMW M CEO Frank van Meel confirmed the new M2 would be the brand’s last car not to feature any kind of hybrid assistance, as it plans to implement 48-volt systems into more of its models.

“The BMW M2 will definitely be a purist driving machine with its straight-six and rear-wheel drive,” said van Meel. “We will see increasing electrification in other vehicles, of course in different forms, starting with the 48-volt electrical system and plug-in hybrids to fully-electric drives.

“From this point of view, the M2 will be the last M with a pure combustion engine drive, and also without electrification scope – such as a 48-volt on-board network, yes.”

UPDATE, June 2022: BMW M2 prototype review

We’ve now driven the new M2 on track! It’s still camouflaged, and technically a prototype, but this is your best insight yet on what’s to come.

“Specify this new M2 with the no-extra-cost manual, and you have a fairly-priced instant classic with no waiting list. A no-brainer, really.”

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2023 Bmw M 2 Kacher Driving 7


The story to here

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The S58 in-line six from BMW’s M3 and M4 is tipped to be the new M2’s powerplant

Previously, van Meel clarified the second-gen M2 will also be available with a manual gearbox.

“The trend has been towards automatic transmissions for years, although lately it has stalled a bit,” van Meel continued. “Especially in the M2 segment, there are still a lot of manual fans who are looking for something special and have less and less choice.

“That’s why we have a very high proportion of manual transmissions in the USA in particular, even over 50 per cent, and in Europe we still had a proportion of over 20 per cent right up to the end – even if it’s not faster or more efficient than the automatic.”

wheels anticipates BMW will launch the new M2 later this year, with the final combustion engine-only M car to go on sale at some point in 2023.

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