2022 Tesla Model Y vs. 2022 Tesla Model X: Worth the Upgrade?

Model Y vs. Model X: Which Electric SUV Is Best for You?

All Tesla’s vehicles are similar in many ways. They all feature ridiculous acceleration, cutting-edge tech features, plenty of electric range and modern and spacious interiors. The only obvious differences between the Tesla Model Y and Model X are their sizes and starting prices.


The Model X is Tesla’s flagship SUV, with seating for up to seven people and class-leading cargo capacity. It came to market in late 2015 and saw its first significant refresh for the 2021 model year. For years, the Model X was the only three-row electric vehicle on the market.


The smaller Model Y crossover arrived in 2020. Since then, it has seen a handful of interior updates, as well as the addition of an optional third row of seats. The Model Y now joins the Model X and the Rivian R1S as one of only three fully electric vehicles with seating for up to seven passengers. More electric three-row SUVs are on the way, including the Mercedes EQB.


We used US News Best Cars reviews and scoring data to compare the Model X and Model Y in several categories that are important to luxury electric SUV shoppers, such as range, efficiency, price, safety, comfort and performance. This way, you can see which electric SUV excels in the areas you prioritize most.


Please note, we continuously update our scores and rankings as we secure new data and expert reviews. For this reason, the scores in this article may not match up with the scores in our rankings and individual vehicle reviews. Moreover, the category winners could change over time.


Keep reading to learn which Tesla crossover SUV wins this head-to-head battle. Should you splurge for the Model X or will the Model Y suffice?


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